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Brazilian Residence in Neurosurgery

Brazilian Neurosurgical Society

The Medical Residency in Neurosurgery

The Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery, SBN, since its foundation in 1957, maintains regular and uninterrupted activities in the training, teaching and training of the specialist physician in Neurosurgery, following protocols and standards that place it among the best in the world, according to WFNS - World Federation of Neurosurgery.

Thus, quality care assistance to the Brazilian population is guaranteed by trained professionals, in their demand for neurological diseases of surgical treatment, in the victims of cranial and spinal cord injuries.


In 1970, it established the first protocol with the Bases of training and accreditation of training services, which were visited periodically and its Residents submitted to a Qualification Examination at the end of the training. Anyone who was approved would be considered a specialist and could become a member of SBN. The first medical doctors holding the SBN were recognized in 1972.

In the 1980s, it began a policy of valuing the Specialist Title and implemented a reformulation of the training over a longer period and of quality and evaluation.

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